Our Story 

            It all started in 2011 when I decided I was not getting any younger. I needed to fulfill my passion and open up my own horse operation.   I have always been into horses and had horses etc. but we just had old ranch horse, Most were grade and no one even cared because they were just using horses. Most of them were geldings because my dad did not like mares as he would say they get an attitude when they come into heat and I don’t like them. So fast forward a few years, When I first started out all I wanted to do was break and train horses for people. After more than a few broncs and only getting paid so much a month for riding a fire-breathing dragon (not really but that’s what it felt like sometime) I decided I wanted to go a different route. I love pedigrees and the whole aspect of breeding fascinates me. There are so many horses out there that people want top dollar for and they are not a good individual. Our Goal is to produce well-bred well put together individuals for a individual to purchase at a great price. There are some people that say well if someone has to purchase a horse on a payment plan then they don’t need the horse anyway. I STRONGLY disagree with this. I have purchased some of my best horses on payment plans. We try to give the average Jo a chance to purchase a nice prospect, The other great thing about our program is we like repeat customers. We are honest and trust worthy people. Not only do we want our horses to look good and be bred well we want them to be able to perform at top notch levels.  In 2015 we decided to expand our family and our son was born. So now this truly is a family ran business and as the saying goes it takes a village to run it. With all this being said please join our mailing list, Like our Facebook Page and Head on over to our sale page to pick out the horse of your dreams. 

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